Since soy is a natural product, grown from the earth, one would think it’s good for you.  All the advertisements sure make it sound healthy, but the following information may make you think twice before you eat that next soy burger.

The problem with about 99% of the soy products out there is that they are genetically engineered.  Unless it says, ‘Organic’ or ‘No GMO’s’, soy is a GMO!   To make a long story short, when something is genetically modified, it actually alters the genetic formula of molecules.  The body interprets this alteration as a foreign body and sets up defense mechanisms which lead to allergies, and auto-immune diseases!  For details, please check out the book, ‘The Unhealthy Truth’, by Robin O’Brien.  I will cover the dangers of GMO’s more extensively in an upcoming article.

Also, most soy is NOT fermented.  Unfermented soy contains large quantities of phytic acid.    High levels of phytic acids block mineral absorption.  So zinc, iodine, copper, calcium, iron, and other trace minerals cannot be absorbed from your digestive tract into the blood stream.  When soy is fermented, (very common in the Orient), the phytic acid is greatly reduced and there are no health risks.

Zinc is necessary for the brain and blood sugar control so depleted amounts can lead to mental problems, and hyperglycemia.   Copper is essential for enzymes to function, without which we can’t fight infection, digest food or break up blood clots.   Iron depletion is the main cause of anemia.  Bones become brittle and cavities form without calcium.  And Iodine is indispensable for the thyroid and prostate.

Fermented soy, like tempeh, natto, and miso, are actually healthy.  But the soy found in tofu, soy hotdogs, soy flour, soy milk. and all the other soy products out there, are NOT fermented and most likely GMO.

We are inundated with soy products, and told it is a great alternative to meat.  But did you know the people of the orient typically eat a tablespoon of fermented soy daily as a condiment?  They don’t eat soy burgers, soy milk, or tofu.  Those products are actually the by-products of soybean oil production and some ingenious companies came up with a way to make profits on this waste product by advertising it as a health food!

Soy also contains elements that mimic estrogens. Since most of us are already estrogen dominant, consuming more of these products can lead to cancer, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, and more.

A baby drinking the recommended amount of soy formula gets the equivalent of 4 birth control pills a day. 

Today, soy is in just about every packaged food, so it may be a bit daunting to find packages without it.  Why is it so prevalent, you may ask?   Because of government subsidies, soy is cheaper for companies to use as fillers.

Just search, “government subsidies of soy”, and you will get some very interesting data.

My suggestion:  Make more meals at home, avoid packaged foods if you can, and read labels on anything that is boxed, bagged, sealed or frozen.  Don’t buy it if has soy in it!  Avoiding unfermented soy, hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, and MSG is one of many very important steps towards better health.


Jill Coleman RN/Holistic Nutrition Practitioner

About Jill RN

I have been a registered nurse for over 20 years working in the Trauma stepdown of LAUSC county hospital to the Heart Transplant unit at UCLA, Post partum and travel nurse. I realized that there was very little room for holistic medicine in the traditional medical field and started researching natural cures to address the whole person: Body mind and spirit. I enjoy working with people who are motivated to change their lifestyle to a more healthy and balanced one. I offer stress reduction therapies as well as unprocessed stress can also reek havoc on our body and being, True health is not complex but it takes a commitment and willingness to change old habits and create a more positive environment so the body can heal and repair. It is not an over night process, but certainty well worth the effort to achieve a lifestyle of health and wellbeing.
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