Jill Coleman has been a Registered Nurse since 1992.  She originally became a nurse to help people and contribute to humanity, but became disillusioned with the medical field when she saw many patients over medicated, and under educated on true health.  She started researching natural, preventative methods in 1998 and started her own business, guiding as many as she can toward a more healthy way of life with coaching, and whole food/medicinal grade supplements.

Her main purpose is to enlighten others to make better choices from a position of knowledge, as opposed to a position of blind trust.  Her main premise is that we are all in some way responsible for our current condition, and that condition can be improved with the correct application of eating right, thinking right and moving right.

May all who visit here come away with something that will help them improve their condition.

4 Responses to About

  1. Ralph Jackson says:

    Hi Jill this is Ralph up here in the Hi Desert and Gary and I are in need of some your wonderful dressing, please get a hold of Gary or myself and we can work out the details, thanks ralph.

  2. Jill RN says:

    Hey Ralph. Spoke to Gary and we will hook up soon. Just have to work out how.

  3. Sanandra says:

    Hi Jill! I met you at my booth at the farmers market in Palm Springs a few years ago. You gave me a bottle of your Amazing Jill’s Gourmet Garlic Dressing with Omega 3’s. I have been meaning to contact you for a long time because I LOVED it so much and am curious if I can buy it from you again. Hope you are well! Love your site and your work.

    Peace & Blessings,
    Sea Chi Organics

  4. Jill RN says:

    Hello Sanandra! I thought I replied to this a while back. I apologize for the very late response! I would be happy to get you more dressing. You can contact me via my website as well- http://www.HealthRestoration1.com
    I had a few deaths and family illness in 2015 that started in January so I’m sorry I missed your comment.
    Hope to hear from you soon!

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