It flitters across the intersection

yellow, fragile wings

tumbling across my windshield,

caught up in the roller coaster of traffic winds,

recuperating momentarily,

then tumulted by a truck’s

sucking aftermath

on this treacherous journey

outside its comfort zone

of gently swaying flowers.

I picture the mustard stain

on asphalt, unable to assist

the helpless beauty.

But then it emerges on

the other side of the street,

and I cheer this little

meandering wonder, embracing

my own innocence and venerability,

having more luck than sense,

when I am oblivious

of my own invincible splendor.

About Jill RN

I have been a registered nurse for over 20 years working in the Trauma stepdown of LAUSC county hospital to the Heart Transplant unit at UCLA, Post partum and travel nurse. I realized that there was very little room for holistic medicine in the traditional medical field and started researching natural cures to address the whole person: Body mind and spirit. I enjoy working with people who are motivated to change their lifestyle to a more healthy and balanced one. I offer stress reduction therapies as well as unprocessed stress can also reek havoc on our body and being, True health is not complex but it takes a commitment and willingness to change old habits and create a more positive environment so the body can heal and repair. It is not an over night process, but certainty well worth the effort to achieve a lifestyle of health and wellbeing.
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