On my new Blog Site I have a page for healthy, easy recipes.  Here is the 1st one.  Easy peasy!

Jill’s cucumber salad:

1 organic cucumber chopped

1 organic avocado chopped

1/4 to 1/2 organic red onion (more if you like onions) finely chopped

Mix all above ingredients together and add salt/pepper to taste.  Good for 24-36 hours, serves 1-3, and makes a great afternoon snack.  Add a few slices of organic, nitrite free ham for extra protein, or organic chicken, cooked and chopped. Left over bacon or boiled eggs can be mixed in as well.  The avocado makes a creamy sauce that will turn a bit watery from the moisture content of the cucumbers.  Just re-mix before serving and enjoy!

Veggie Eggs

1-2 TBS butter

2-3 organic brussel sprouts, and/or Broccoli, spinach, zucchini chopped

organic onion chopped. a few slices

1/2 ounce of cheese

1 organic free range egg

Put butter in fry pan and heat until melted.  Add onions, then vegetable(s) of your choice.  Add Brussel sprouts first if you choose that as your vegetable and stir so as not to burn.  When slightly soft, (aldente), add egg and mix slightly, then add cheese before eggs are fully cooked. Mix quickly and turn off stove so eggs don’t get too hard.  Salt and pepper to taste. Serve with avocado, Ezekiel toast with organic butter or almond butter and raw honey, or sliced tomatoes and onions.  Yum Yum!!


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