On my new Blog Site I have a page for healthy, easy recipes.  Here is the 1st one.  Easy peasy!

Jill’s cucumber salad:

1 organic cucumber chopped, 1 organic avocado chopped,  organic chopped red onion to taste.

Mix all above ingredients together and add salt/pepper to taste.  Good for 24-36 hours, serves 1-3, and makes a great afternoon snack.  Add a few slices of organic, nitrite free ham for extra protein, or organic chicken, cooked and chopped.   Leftover bacon or boiled eggs can be mixed in as well.  The avocado makes a creamy sauce that will turn a bit watery from the moisture content of the cucumbers.  Just re-mix before serving and enjoy!

Veggie Eggs

1-2 TBS butter and or coconut oil, 1-2 free range eggs,  grated cheese as desired, salt/pepper to taste

Any combo of:   1/2 cup organic brussel sprouts, and/or Broccoli,  spinach, organic greens, or zucchini etc.  Chopped organic onion (a few slices) and or Bell pepper, and or thinly sliced sweet potato, or whatever you like but something green in there is always good!  Mushrooms are good too and preferably everything organic.

Put butter/coconut oil or both in fry pan on medium heat until melted.  Add hard veggies first until al dente (like brussel sprouts or asparagus, sweet potatoes etc), then onions, and the rest of the veggies of your choice.  Stir with wooden spoon until all are tender.   Then add eggs, stir, then the cheese, and mix.  Mix thoroughly (until no egg white slime), and turn off stove and serve immediately so eggs don’t get too hard or cold.  Salt and pepper to taste.   Serve with avocado or sliced tomatoes,  Ezekiel toast with organic butter or almond butter, (and a little raw honey if desired)    Yum Yum!!


Purchase 1 pound grass fed, cut bones/Joints-(best for collagen and glucosamine).   You can add organic chicken ribs and necks too.  If you can’t find good beef bones, Organic chicken bones from a whole preferably organic chicken is awesome too.   Some mix in wild caught fish bones but I have not as it may alter the taste.                  I USE ALL ORGANIC INGREDIENTS and 100% grass fed if you can get it.

Place bones in large crock pot or big covered pot with at least 2 quarts filtered water.      Bring to a boil and then simmer on low for 24-48 hours.   I simmer them on lowest heat for up to 4 days to get all the minerals, collagen, and chondroitin you can.  But at least until bones are soft and any meat or cartilage has fallen off the bones and broth is dark in color.                                                                                  Don’t toss the hard bones that are left.  YOu can put them back in after blending in if you wish  or save for the next batch,  to continue leaching all the good stuff from them.   The longer you cook the bones, the more the bones will dissolve and release all their goodness. (Minerals, collagen, healthy fats, etc.)        **Do NOT throw out any of the liquid or whatever is floating on top!!!    That’s where all the good stuff is.       After at least 24- 48 hrs of bones cooking on low, then:

Add (as desired) 1 bunch beet greens, ½ cabbage, 3-5 carrots, ½ bunch kale, a few Bok choy, 1 small Jalapeno pepper, 1 small bunch of cilantro, 1 medium to large finger of turmeric and ginger,  and a few stalks of celery.                                                                                                                                                  I add 1 large onion, with 5-8 cloves garlic because I them it.                                                                       All ingredients are coarsely chopped and can be altered or left out according to personal preference.  You don’t actually have to add anything except for the bones but the above ingredients make it really tasty especially if you’ve never tasted plain bone both.                                                                             Plus all the added stuff adds more vitamins and minerals too.    And I like to make as much as I can so there’s more for later.                                                                                                                                       I use a few tablespoons (to taste) of oregano, rosemary and/or basil, fresh or dried.  You can add a little salt here but not too much until broth is finished.                                                                                    Cook this for another 2-3 hours until everything is tender and/or almost dissolved.    Then at the end you can add a tablespoon of honey (more or less) to taste, with salt/pepper as desired.  I found a little bit of honey just made it even more delicious.

Place in blender until smooth.    It will probably be the consistency of a thick creamed pea soup.                You can add water to your preferred consistency.                                                                                            Place this gold magic brew in sterilized or at least very clean, medium glass jar containers with lids, and refrigerate.  You can freeze it for at least a year.  (If freezing be sure to leave 1-2 inches at top of jar for expansion).

Let me know how it turned out!

In Health and awareness,      Jill

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